On my back resting in the front yard while looking up through the bright green leaves of the birch tree, I had a thought. Some days are kind.

Seventy degrees, slight breeze, blue skies and nothing to do in the late afternoon but hang out with Lucky and savor the moment.

A salmon flicker was working the birch tree, hummingbirds zipping around and the little goat family busy eating the brush I piled up in their pen.

Some days are kind when I choose to take my time doing things and then looking back on the day to see a little more of the jungle has been cut back. This year has been an epic growth year. Some of the garden’s perennials doubled in size and even the birch tree’s canopy looks like a giant lacey green umbrella.

So go be kind to your self, find a tree and daydream for a while under it’s dancing leaves.