Lucky is the oldest dog on the farm, the one who will greet you when you step out of your car. He is part wolf, part husky and many people think, part human. If he likes you, he will lean into you and that’s his way of saying, ‘Welcome!’

Lucky is the smartest dog we have ever had. He has his own chair he sleeps in every night and he is our alarm in the morning when he’s ready to go outside. He stays out all day, watching the activity of the farm from several vantage points including the back of the pick-up (his favorite spot). He doesn’t bark, he howls, but infrequently. It’s a melancholic sound that takes you back to his roots which is a little town in Alaska called Bethel. He was running free at 2 weeks old when a couple of girls rescued him and were told not to return him to the place where he had been abandoned. Through a series of events he ended up in Washington state.

He found us in the summer of 2008 when we first noticed him hanging out at the farm. We discovered he was the neighbor’s dog from across the creek. Our neighbor, Bob, had to come by continually and take him home. The summer of 2009 Lucky came back and started spending the nights. By then, we humans were beginning to get it. He wanted to live on this side of the creek with us. His owner was gracious and told us, “why don’t you start feeding him and, if he wants to stay, that’s OK with me”.  And so we did.

Bob thinks he is 13, which is pretty old in dog years. However, he now has a young pup that keeps him sprightly and he never passes up an opportunity to take a walk to the creek and a run home.

When Michael goes on horseback rides, Lucky’s out front and it doesn’t matter where we go in the truck, he’s in! He is a valued senior member of our farm community and we are grateful for everyone who comes here who is nice to Lucky. Lucky is a very lucky dog!