First of all figure out what is the most important feeling to go with for the season and every time you feel the feeling slipping away, grab it and reel it back in.  Mine this year is P-E-A-C-E.

It gets easier after that because no matter what list you have in front of you or what task you find yourself doing – remember your ‘word’, i.e., the feeling. When you stop feeling it, then you know the list or the task has you instead of the other way around.0

I told myself this year a small tree – less muss, less fuss, more peace. Then we went looking for a tree and no little ones were to be found but only tall skinny ones for half price (because we waited so long). As we drove off with our tall elegant (no longer skinny) tree, I noticed I was becoming anxious about decorating it. What happened to no fuss, no muss?

I put it in the stand, watered it and gave her a skirt. As I stood back and admired the tree’s loveliness, I saw that its bareness was indeed beautiful and she needed no adornment.

I heard the word, “Peace”.